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  1. Thanks for the insight – I love the Burke and Wills piece! I’ll make sure I get to War Memorial.
    It reminds me of John Bracks, Sya and I went to the Bracks exhibition in Melbs last month. Both somehow capture alot within simple, yet distinct depictions.
    My god – I should stay clear of writing about art! Leave it up to more competant writers like yrself! Keep it up.


    • Thanks Luke! Yeah the show is really amazing – highly recommended! Wish I had seen the Brack exhibition..woe is me.
      You should write about whatever you want – there’s no right or wrong, and f it makes you feel any better, imagine me writing about sport..Ha!


    • It is! My close friend and ally, the Collins English Dictionary, tells me it means ‘without colour’. But I’m not too proud to invent words when the need arises.


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