I’m putting together a teeny tiny show for the QCP in Brisbane, beginning late September. Here’s a bit about it…

Achromatism – Recent Video Work from the ACT

Benjamin Forster, Taree Mackenzie and Lucy Quinn are three emerging video artists currently based in Canberra. The works collated for Achromatism share the fact that each is an investigation into positive and negative space, of black and white, darkness and light, absence and presence, permanence and impermanence.

Benjamin Forster captures linear computer-programmed drawings as they rapidly unfold upon the screen in Premise:  Etching flow = Definition. The white expanse of the picture plane becomes completely filled by unfurling black lines, before a white line appears, to draw back into the blackened ground. The process is able to continue indefinitely – a determined yet ultimately futile exercise that creates an atmosphere of frantic urgency.

In Taree Mackenzie’s abstract video Black Balls on White Surfaces a succession of dark orbs appear and disappear against a milky surface. At intervals they collect and sit at rest, and at other times float in and out of the frame. What at first glance appears to be a computer-driven process is in fact old-fashioned and simply executed: black ping-pong balls filmed as they move through white liquid at the direction of the artist. This surprising realisation challenges us to question whether we are able to recognise what is real from what is computer-aided construction.

By contrast, Lucy Quinn’s meditative Vessel Vessel is inescapably organic. A dark liquid is dropped into still water, and in exquisite slow motion balloons into tumbling clouds and tendrils.

Where in Forster’s work the unfolding movement is decided upon by a computer, and in Mackenzie’s by the intervention of human hand, Quinn eloquently captures a simple interaction between two materials, unstructured and uninterrupted.


Taree Mackenzie
Taree Mackenzie

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