Young Guns

High expectations were set for Twist Wall + Fever at M16 Artspace, as Richard Blackwell, Tim Dwyer and James Langer are three guys who demand to be noticed. Paired with Dan Lorrimer, undergrad from the Sculpture department at the ANU, the resulting exhibition was full of surprises.

Firstly, Dwyer was a breakaway favourite. I knew he was a prolific maker with a penchant for techno-gazing, but here he has risen to the occasion with the most completely original and exciting body of work I have seen in a long time. His large-scale digital prints (pixel colour field computer mash-ups), which by definition should seem contrived, instead pack a mighty punch. But best of all was his work in the projection space. Analogue video spliced and diced into a reconstructed retro reality, spitting nostalgia and set to a soundtrack of Dwyer’s own (masterful) invention.

Dwyer’s projection was shown side by side with Blackwell’s, an unusual approach (obviously to maximise on available space) that actually enhanced these works, rather than confused them. Blackwell’s austere monochromatic animation of an oscillating high-rise building sits quietly in complement to Dwyer’s flickering hyper-colour palette.

Unfortunately Blackwell’s print and assemblage works in the main gallery space did not fare so well in holding their own against the crowd of commanding works. It is evident that his minimal, clean lines require a little more space and air, and have generated more impact in other settings.

James Langer has come in leaps and bounds following a move to Melbourne at the end of last year, his printed canvases injected with a new-found energy, executed with a fresher, light-handed approach.

Scattered throughout the gallery space, debutante Dan Lorrimer’s steel frames in a variety of angles and aspects are deftly handled and pull the show together while flying the flag for the third dimension.


images from twistwallfever

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