Drawn Out

Well, not quite, but I have seen two drawing-dedicated exhibitions in as many days. First, the M16 Drawing Prize, and then, I Walk The Line at the MCA.

I Walk The Line was super-hyped for me. As such, I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed once I’d done my turn. Maybe it wasn’t as extensive as I’d hoped, or perhaps not as challenging, or maybe I was too distracted by the hordes of school kids, but it didn’t sweep me off my feet the way I had anticipated.

Ironically, the Drawing Prize exhibition in the nondescript Canberra shed that is M16 Artspace had as much, if not more, to offer. There was a real vibrancy and sense of experimentation evident in the 29 short listed works at M16 that wasn’t necessarily present at the MCA’s curated show.

Standouts for me at the MCA were the crayon cars (the artist’s name escapes me) and the exquisite Chalk Ring (with chalkboard necklace) by Sky Bivens. At M16 Artspace it was Sean Dwyer’s knockout  A Darlinghurst View and Surya Bajracharya’s Wet Cheeks and Stormy Collisions.

Interestingly, drawing machines featured in both shows. One mechanical, one technological  – going head to head to challenge the notion that the practice of drawing relies on the human hand.

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